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About Shelper

What we do & our aim

Everything is pretty simple. It often happens that you cannot find something on the Internet or in stores, it could clothes or electronics. Now it's not about choosing between two different models of shoes or brands of phones, but about a situation where you know exactly what you want, but don't know where to buy it.

It is at such moments that you need Shelper. Surely, among the users of the site there is someone who will tell you where to buy the product you need. And if not, then for a small reward there will be someone who will find this product for you.

Answering basic questions:

  • Shelper is a handy resource that will help you find the right product or service in your area.
  • Our goal is to help save time for people who are looking for something, while giving other people and themselves the opportunity to earn money.
We hope you will enjoy using Shelper and will find what you are looking for.